Commitment. Higher Quality & Lower Price.
Reliability. Good Consistency and Repeatability.
Excellence. Professional & leading producer for silicone materials.
Innovation. Innovative new technologies and products.

Mission Statement:  
PCC has 3 priorities:

Highest Quality Products: Quality is the first and foremost concern for PCC.
Our products are tested in our laboratory to ensure they are of the highest standard.

Efficient & Effective Service: A support team is always on-hand.
This further assures our client of our proficiency, and our strive to ascertain customer satisfaction.

Competitive Prices: Our prices are competitive but do not compromise quality.

Our Pledge:  
To the community
Proactive actions are always taken to protect the environment. Besides, to bring added benefit to the community, we also support cultural activities and other public-interest undertakings.

To customers
With innovative and imaginative values, we do our utmost to convey our passion to customers. We devote ourselves to improving the fundamentals of safety and other basic elements of the quality of life.

To shareholders

We will stick to fulfilling our accountability to shareholders and distributing reasonable and stable dividend payments to them. And our continuous rise in sales enables us to maximize shareholder value.

To business partners
For the sake of mutual benefit, we maintain a close contact with our partners in all dealings. On the issues of common concern we’ll work together with them on improvements.

To employees
A comfortable working environment has been created where individuality is honored. We treat every employee equally and evaluate employees’ performances on the basis of efforts as well as results.

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