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SiSiB® PC4200

Synonym: (3-Triethoxysilyl)propylmethacylate;

Countertype of DowCorning Z-6036, ShinEtsu KBE-503, Silquest Y-11878

Chemical Structure


SiSiB® PC4200 is a methacryl-functional silane, it is a clear, light and heat sensitive liquid with a faintly sweet odour.

SiSiB® PC4200 is used as adhesion promoter at organic/inorgainc interfaces, as surface modifier (e.g. imparting water repellency, organophilic surface adjustment) or as crosslinking of polymers). It is used as a coupling agent to improve the physical and electrical properties of glass-reinforced and mineral-filled thermosetting resins under exposure to heat and/or moisture. It is typically employed as a blend additive in resin systems that cure via a free radical mechanism (e.g. polyester, acrylic) and in filled or reinforced thermoplastic polymers, including polyolefins and polyurethanes. It is also used to functionalize resins via radical initiated processes - copolymerization or grafting - and to modify surfaces.

Typical Physical Properties

Chemical Name: gamma-Methacryloxypropyltriethoxysilane
CAS No.: 21142-29-0
EINECS No.: 244-239-0
Empirical Formula: C13H26O5Si
Molecular Weight: 290.43
Boiling Point: 129°C [760mmHg]
Flash Point: 128°C
Color and Appearance: Clear to straw liquid with mild odor
Density [25°C]: 0.99
Refractive Index [25°C]: 1.427
Purity: 97.0% by GC


Improves strength as glass fiber size composite in reinforced polyester composites.
Enhances initial and wet strength of reinforced polyester resin composites, like synthetic marble.
Enhances the wet electrical properties of many mineral-filled and reinforced composites.
Crosslinks acrylic type resins improving adhesion and durability of adhesives and coatings.

SiSiB® silanes are versatile materials used in a wide range of applications including:
Silane Coupling Agent, Silane Adhesion Promoter, Silane Hydrophobing Agent, Silane Dispersing Agent, Silane Crosslinking Agent, Silane Moisture Scavenger, Polypropylene Catalyst "Donor" Silane, Silicate Stabilizer, Polyurethane Endcapper Silane, Silane Drying Agent, Silane Curing Agent, Silane Reinforcer, Silylating Agent, Silane Reducing Agent, Silyl Building Blocks and Synthons etc.


Net weight 200Kg steel drum or 1000Kg IBC container, for more details, please visit Packing Centre.

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